Effective Treatment for Shoulder Injuries from Golf

golf shoulder injury treatment
Playing golf can be great exercise, but it can also cause injuries that can take time to heal. While it’s best to stretch and warm-up before hitting the golf course, many men and women skip this critical step. Then they overdo it on the golf course, trying to impress their fellow golfers. If you are suffering from a shoulder injury from golf that isn’t healing, you may need to visit an orthopedic doctor to find the best treatment options. If treatment doesn’t work, it may be time for a shoulder replacement.
What Are Some Common Shoulder Injuries?
There isn’t just one type of shoulder injury. For example, a torn rotator cuff can occur when you don’t control the golf club, causing a tear in your shoulder. Likewise, tendinitis and bursitis are inflammatory conditions that can occur over time from improper golf swings or simply standing or sitting incorrectly, whether on the golf course or at the desk.
Shoulder instability occurs when the lining inside your shoulder joint stretches out too far and can become torn or even detached. The result can be the ball of your shoulder joint slipping out of the socket, creating intense pain and discomfort. A frozen shoulder can also be caused by golf – the shoulder freezes into one position, preventing a person from doing normal daily activities.
What Are Shoulder Treatment Options?
Your orthopedic doctor will suggest a wide range of treatment options before recommending shoulder replacement surgery. Treatment options start simple: rest, medication, steroid shots, and physiotherapy. But if your shoulder golfing injury lasts for several months without improvement, it may be time to consider shoulder replacement surgery.
What Happens if a Shoulder Injury Won’t Heal?
If a shoulder injury doesn’t heal, your most practical option may be orthopedic surgery. During surgery the damaged bone in your shoulder is replaced with artificial joint parts made of metal or plastic. These are called implants, and the technical name of this surgery is called arthroplasty. This surgery will enable your shoulder to return to its full range of movement without the pain.
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