Unique Benefits Of Calcium & Vitamin-D Supplementation While Healing A Fracture

Unique Benefits Of Calcium & Vitamin-D Supplementation While Healing A Fracture

It is no secret that Calcium is needed for building bones and keeping them healthy, and Vitamin D is known for promoting healthy bones and teeth. The human body can observe Calcium when Vitamin D is present in your food and sunlight.

According to the National Institutes of Health database. Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in approximately 42% of the United States population. Calcium and Vitamin-D supplements are the cornerstones for managing bone health during a fracture. Let’s see what benefits you can get from them:

Bone Health

Calcium and Vitamin D help with the healing of a fractured bone. Vitamin D helps your blood to absorb and use Calcium and build up the minerals in your bones. Calcium also plays an important role in normal skin physiology and wound healing.

Callus Formation

A sufficient amount of Calcium is required for callus formation at the fracture site. Research showed that people with osteoporosis had better callus formation when calcium supplementation was taken appropriately and consistently.

Prevent Bone Loss

Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency can lead to bone loss following a fracture, which may aggravate osteoporosis and cause a secondary fracture. Proper intake of Calcium helps in the prevention of bone loss and helps in increasing bone mass.

Faster Rate of Healing

Insufficient intake of Vitamins, particularly A and D, and other nutrients, such as Calcium, may affect bone health or even the time and degree of bone healing after a fracture. Therefore, proper intake of Vitamin-D and Calcium with a healthy diet can speed up the process of bone healing and make them stronger than before.

Helps With Bone Remodeling

The bone remodeling starts around the 6th week of fracture healing, where the regular bone replaces the hard callus formation. This process requires a constant supply of nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin-D, potassium, phosphorus, etc.


Your bones are continuously changing where old bones are broken down and new bones are made. This bone remodeling happens not only with fractures but throughout our life. So, a healthy diet with adequate Calcium and Vitamin-D supplementation is quite essential. If you are concerned about your bone health from a fracture or osteopenia/osteoporosis, contact our orthopedic specialist or your primary care physician immediately to discuss the benefits.