Pain & Injury Commonly Associated with Cycling

Man with an injury to his knee from biking
With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, you may have committed to trying cycling or ramping up current training to enter a few races or fundraisers this year. Congratulations on focusing on improving your health, and cycling is excellent exercise, but be aware that excessive cycling may, unfortunately, lead to several common painful conditions, especially in the knee. Below we will talk about the most common knee pain cyclists experience and where you should go for knee injury treatment in Rocky Mount, NC.
Knee Injury Treatment in Rocky Mount: Knee Conditions
Anterior Knee Pain
Anterior knee pain is felt on the front of the knee, on and around the patella (aka kneecap). This is also the location of ACL injuries. Anterior knee pain is often referred to as “runner’s knee” and is a common overuse injury.
Posterior Knee Pain
Knee pain that is posterior means it is at the back of the knee. The pain is usually worse when overextending the knee. This pain is often the result of having the bike saddle too high or too far back from the handlebars. Therefore, it is essential to have the saddle at the proper height and position.
Medial & Lateral Knee Pain
This knee pain is felt at the sides of the knee and is often accompanied by swelling and inflammation. Some people also experience locking or a feeling of the knee giving way. Cyclists who feel this usually find it is their cycling shoes or the cleat position that is the cause.
Iliotibial Band (IT Band) Syndrome
The Iliotibial band extends on the outside of the thigh from the pelvis to just below the knee. It is a thick band of tissue and commonly becomes tight or inflamed through overuse and weakness of the gluteus medius muscle.
Fit, Pace & Stretching
There are many causes of knee pain from cycling, including improper bike fit, cycling too hard, cycling too far too soon, and not stretching enough before and after riding. Although you can make several changes to your routine on your own, if you are experiencing knee pain, you should consult a physician to verify you do not have a severe injury.
Carolina Regional Orthopaedics
If you are dealing with any of the above types of knee pain, it is essential to seek the proper knee injury treatment in Rocky Mount. Carolina Regional Orthopaedics has highly trained staff that are experts in treating all kinds of knee pain due to cycling. They will work with you to put together a plan that gets you back on your bike pain-free and doing what you love best, cycling. Call 252-443-0400 for an appointment.