What to Look for in a Pain Management Plan

pain managment specialist consulting with patient
If you’re experiencing chronic or long-term pain from an injury or medical condition, there is help. A suitable pain management plan can reduce pain and get you back to enjoying life again. Here’s what you should look for when discussing your treatment plan with Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, P.A., which provides expert pain management in Rocky Mount NC.
Validation That You’re Suffering
Chronic pain can make a person withdraw from society. Friends and family often do not realize how much the person is suffering. Validation from a doctor that they are suffering pain and it’s not “just in their head” helps positively in the recovery from an injury or mobility condition.
Better Interaction with Loved Ones
While loved ones may not intentionally hurt a person’s feelings, caring works both ways. If you’re not feeling well, you can also neglect your friends and loved ones. When your chronic pain is better managed, you can return to society, enjoy spending time with friends and family, and even rekindle the romance with your spouse or partner.
Regain Your Independence
People of all ages may suffer from chronic pain. You may feel guilty about relying on others to help you with your daily activities. Perhaps it’s a financial burden on your children. When you have a suitable pain management plan, you’ll be working to regain your independence. You will no longer have to rely on people to cook your meals, help with bathing, or take care of the house.
Enjoy Regained Mobility
A good pain management treatment will help you regain mobility in your muscles and tendons. Of course, it will take some time, and a positive psychological commitment to attend appointments and do the homework (exercises) assigned to you. But you’ll be able to move around your home more easily and feel confident enough to go for a walk around the block or to your local shopping mall.
Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, P.A.
Are you experiencing chronic pain or have mobility problems? Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, P.A. can help. Our experts in pain management in Rocky Mount NC, are ready to work on developing a treatment plan just for you. After a thorough examination, a treatment plan that includes a variety of therapies will be presented to meet your specific needs and goals. So, contact us today at 252-443-0400 and set up an appointment. Soon you’ll be enjoying life again.