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The hip joint is a ball and socket that allows the thigh to move in different directions. It also allows the hips to support the weight of the body. The hip joint resides inside a capsule containing lubricating fluid, which helps the hip move smoothly. Inside the hip joint is cartilage, the rigid but flexible substance that lines the ends of joints. Ligaments keep the ball of the joint from slipping out of the socket.

The hip joint is anatomically complex and contains over 15 muscles that work together to give the hip a full range of motion. Hip flexibility and mobility allow athletes to become more powerful and perform athletic movements efficiently.


Relief from pain is the most significant benefit and the primary reason for hip replacement surgery. The procedure offers other benefits, such as improved movement, strength, and coordination of the torso and leg. The ability to walk, climb stairs, and maintain an active lifestyle in greater comfort.

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Dr. Bernard P. Kemker, III

Chief of Hip & Knee Services

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