Why Is It Important for You to be Able to Feel Pain?

feeling pain
An old physicians’ adage states that pain is “the fifth vital sign.” This statement reflects the importance of pain in the diagnostic process. While pain can be an unpleasant experience, it helps maintain our health and safety. Therefore, it is a positive and necessary function.
Pain is a subjective and unique experience for everyone. Some people might view pain as something to be protected from, but in reality, it is a vital part of life. Keep reading to understand why it’s important to feel pain and when to consider pain management.
Types Of Pain
Pain messages are relayed through a biological system called the nervous system. The two primary types of pain are Acute and Chronic.
Acute pain can be severe or sudden, resulting from an event or trauma. This type of pain resolves itself very quickly when adequately treated. A good example is a broken bone, sprained ankle, or burn.
Chronic pain is when the pain receptors actively send messages throughout the body long after an injury or trauma. This pain can typically take an extended period to resolve. When caused by a persistent disease, it may never be resolved. An excellent example of this is arthritis.
Pain Messages
When the human brain receives a pain message, it dictates how the body will respond. In nature, pain can cause life-saving reactions that push a person to move out of harm’s way. For example, when touching something hot, the pain triggers us to remove our hands from the heat source before extensive damage occurs. In addition, pain is usually the first thing we feel when there is an underlying chronic illness or condition.
Pain Management
Unfortunately, chronic pain is a medical condition that can become debilitating. People with chronic pain often can’t work, participate in physical activities, eat correctly, or enjoy their lives. At that moment, a person needs medical care and strategies to help them live a more comfortable life. This care is called pain management.
Carolina Regional Orthopaedics
Pain management is an essential service, and Carolina Regional Orthopaedics provides some of the most effective treatments using modern techniques and proven results. In addition, the caring and friendly staff will create the most welcoming environment while treating your needs.
With his experienced team, Dr. MacNichol will use his 34 years of training to create a responsive plan to manage chronic pain. CRO is dedicated to serving North Carolina residents and providing high-quality pain management. Call 252-443-0400 to schedule an appointment today. Control the pain and get back to living your life.