Best Tips for Sleeping with Chronic Pain

sleeping with chronic pain
Your body needs sleep to heal, but it can often be challenging to fall and stay asleep if you’re suffering from chronic pain. This ever-revolving cycle doesn’t allow you to feel any better. If you want to experience the benefits of a good night’s sleep, you must learn what has been medically shown to work. Here are a few of the best tips to assist you with chronic pain management when you need a good night’s rest.
Chronic Pain Management: Improving Sleep
Adjust Your Diet
It may seem like a good idea to eat a huge meal two hours before bedtime, but instead, adjust the time of your main meal to early evening and decrease the amount of food consumed. Specific foods will help you fall asleep faster, thus improving your chronic pain management over time. Since carbs assist in sleeping, choose a healthy type such as brown rice. Also, choose low-fat proteins, including fatty fish or shellfish, and add fruit as a dessert, such as cherries or kiwis.
Get Daily Exercise
You should select an exercise that you enjoy and suits your fitness level. Yoga is for any fitness level and can be adjusted if you’re recovering from an injury. Do exercises at floor level, as well as some standing up. Be sure to add some stretches to get tight muscles to loosen up. Remember to stop if you experience any discomfort. A short walk once a day will assist with your nighttime sleep.
Create a Pleasant Sleeping Environment
If your pillow is too hard or the sheets too scratchy, you need to find ones more comfortable. Install blackout curtains to block outside lighting. As soon as you get in bed, turn out the lights. No devices, no reading. Lay there and focus on your breath – breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on a pleasant, calming image in your mind, such as lying on a warm beach surrounded by palm trees.
Best Sleep Supplements
You may be hesitant to take prescription medication, but there are other options. Drink herbal tea at bedtime, such as chamomile or lavender. There are supplements, such as valerian or melatonin, that can help, or minerals such as magnesium or zinc. Cherry juice has been shown to contain compounds that can assist you in sleeping better at night.
Your sleep patterns may adjust slowly over the next several weeks after you try the tips above. And if for any reason you find you still need assistance with chronic pain management, then reach out to your healthcare practitioner for more advice.
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