Common Reasons for Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopedic doctor in Rocky Mount, NC
There are many reasons why your primary care doctor will refer you to an orthopedist (a doctor specializing in bones and muscles). Still, the main reason is to get you painlessly moving and back on your feet again to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Here are some reasons you should seek help from an orthopedic doctor.
Why See an Orthopedic Doctor
Recovering from Serious Injuries
Bone fractures in the foot or ankle can be extremely debilitating, whether you fell while playing a sport or tripped on the stairs. Degenerative conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis may also cause weakness in the joints, leading to harmful falls, which can cause strains or sprains. An orthopedic doctor can provide non-invasive treatments, and if that doesn’t work, surgery to help you get back to walking again.
Persistent Knee Pain
Knees are particularly susceptible to injuries and can cause more pain than the leg or foot. This pain can be caused by playing sports, repetitive stress, arthritis, or other joint conditions. A common form of injury is a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or a torn meniscus (a section of cartilage). An orthopedic doctor has the expertise to treat your injury through medication, exercise, or surgery.
Back and Hip Pain
Back and hip pain is often caused by sitting for too long, such as for people who work in offices. Some limited pain is normal and can be worked out through walking or stretching, but if you’ve been suffering for longer than a few weeks, it’s time to book an appointment with an orthopedist. They can determine if there is a more severe condition than simply sitting for too long.
Arthritic Pain
Arthritis is common in patients entering their senior years. The sooner it’s diagnosed, the sooner a treatment plan can be developed to ease the pain, increase movement, and prevent further deterioration of the joints over time. Some types of arthritis can be severe and require surgery.
Whether your injury or health condition is age-related, sports-related, or accident-related, your family physician likely wants to help you. But much of orthopedics is beyond their expertise, so they’ll be happy to refer you to an orthopedic doctor who will work with you to diagnose your condition thoroughly. Then, you’ll be placed on an effective treatment plan that gets you back to being fully mobile and pain-free.
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