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The shoulder - imagine how often you use it throughout the day. You use it to help you get out of bed, to raise your fork or spoon to your mouth, and to reach to get a glass from a cabinet. However, like other joints in the body, the shoulder is vulnerable to injury and wear and tear.

Some of the shoulder conditions our orthopedic doctors treat include:

Dr. Hardayal Singh.jpg

Dr. Hardayal Singh

Chief of Shoulder Services

Dr. Robert Martin.jpg

Dr. Robert C. Martin

Chief of Sports Medicine Services

When the shoulder is injured, it disrupts everything in our life. The orthopedic surgeons and doctors at CRO specialize in treating all shoulder injuries. Our physicians are nationally recognized leaders in their respective surgical fields, helping initiate and design new shoulder surgery techniques.


This list is only a few of the injuries to the hand or wrist that may need surgery. All of these should be seen by a medical professional. With the help of surgery, we can restore function, decrease the chance of re-injury, and minimize pain.

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