What Are the Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery?

What Are the Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery?

When you visit a primary care doctor for chronic knee pain, it may be a surprise that they recommend knee surgery and refer you to the best orthopedic doctor. As a result, you may worry and stress about the procedure. But knee replacement surgery is a standard procedure for people who’ve suffered injuries or have chronic joint pain from arthritis or aging. Here are a few advantages to having knee replacement surgery done so you can quickly get back to your normal life again.

Tips from the Best Orthopedic Doctor: Benefits of Knee Replacement

Reduce Chronic Knee Pain

Arthritis can lead to chronic joint pain in one or both knees. Over time, the pain can worsen. When all other therapies have failed, knee replacement surgery is recommended. Knee replacement surgery involves removing damaged bone and cartilage and replacing it with an artificial joint (or prosthesis) made from metal alloys and high-grade plastic polymers. Knee replacement surgery involves a lengthy healing process, but after that period, you’ll discover that your knee pain is significantly reduced or will be gone.

Speedier Healing Process

Your knee will require time to heal from the incision and some physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles and get you moving again. Knee replacement surgery is minimally invasive, so the recovery time is pretty quick. Soon you’ll gain full mobility and be pain-free.

Encourages Future Independence

Chronic knee pain can be debilitating when you’re younger, but as you age, you may be required to use a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair to get around to do your daily activities. Today’s knee replacement surgery is minimally invasive, so the orthopedic surgeon doesn’t need to cut through most knee muscles or soft tissue to insert the prosthetic. Minimally invasive means less damage is done, requiring only a small 4″ side incision. Healing will be much quicker, but your new knee joint will give you the mobility you need for your future independence, so now you can put the mobility equipment back in the closet.

Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, P.A.

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