Tips to Prevent Knee Pain from Gardening this Summer

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The summer months can provide all manner of outdoor entertainment opportunities. Those with the inclination will eagerly turn toward gardening. Whether raising vegetables or flowers, gardening offers a chance to grow and exercise in peace while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Gardening also tends to involve a lot of wear on the knees. Bending and kneeling to plant seeds, pull weeds, and harvest tomatoes all take a toll on the body, especially for older folks. Avoiding knee pain in the summer will help ensure a fun and happy season while preventing visits to the doctor.

Treatment for Knee Pain

Preventing Knee Pain

First and foremost, prevention goes a long way in reducing joint pain, including the knees. For example, sitting on a bucket or stool and using knee pads will help reduce strain on the front of the knee, where gardening-related injuries are most likely.

Stretching before, during, and after a gardening session will help reduce wear. For a more involved routine, yoga can help, especially with mature people and those more susceptible to joint injury.

Tools with longer handles can help reduce the amount of bending and kneeling. It may take time to adjust to using such tools, but the effort will be well worth avoiding potential injury or damage to the knees.

Treating Knee Pain

Treatment for knee pain after the fact is also essential. Besides stretching and taking breaks, ice packs can help ease discomfort and possible swelling developed during the gardening routine.

Gardener’s knee can result in swollen fluid sacs developing in the joint, which are vulnerable to infection if ruptured. Therefore, part of the treatment for knee pain is preventing the sacs from occurring. Fortunately, if the sacs aren’t infected, treatment can be handled at home with remedies such as ice packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories.

Knee pain and injury during gardening are possible, as the hobby tends to be more physically involved than most people think. To prevent further injury or infection, stretching, using tools with long handles, and ice packs after working can help prevent knee damage and treat joint pain.

Gardening can and should be fun. However, avoiding knee pain and injury from the process will help ensure less time at the doctor’s office or recovering and more time enjoying the garden.

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